Aidusb Recovery Software can help you
recovery lost deleted formatted MS word excel, photo, music, video from exFat/Fat32/NTFS hard drive system or external drive, usb drive.

Recover verbatim flash drive Files

Recover verbatim flash drive files needs the special verbatim flash drive file recovery tool to get them back. This article tells you the best tool to recover verbatim flash drive files.

If you need to recovery verbatim flash drive files, that means your the data in your verbatim flash drive may be deleted or formatted by accident, or maybe the verbatim flash drive file system crashed or bad power off due to imporper disconnect. Then you may search USB file recovery software on Google, download and install it to recover USB files. Nearly all commercial verbatim flash drive file recovery software charges too much, while free verbatim flash drive file recovery software can only recover deleted files. Aidfile Recovery Software helps you deal with this problem completely, meanwhile, it has much more powerful features, like recovering files from deleted, formatted, damaged or lost files from all kinds of storage devices through file recovery wizard.

You should keep high attention that if you find your files lost in verbatim flash drive, stop using it now, do not write any new data into verbatim flash drive, these new data may destroy your chance to recover lost files.

The procedure for recovering verbatim flash drive files is quite as same as recovering other storage devices' files. The only thing you need to do is download Aidfile Recovery Software, install, and follow the recovery wizard to recover verbatim flash drive files, save files at last.

With a flash scan, all your lost verbatim flash drive fils come back. All lost verbatim flash drive files will be recovered completely and quickly. The files you lost, no matter they are GIF, EXE, office documents, videos or photos, etc. it will surely recover them.

It is not an one time to use softwre, though you don't want to use it any more, but you still have the possibility of losing files in verbatim flash drive again. We have to say that it is, though, not a regular software, but it do help you at some critical time. Finally, we recommend you to backup your files into a safe place in order not to lose again. Something needs to say: Backup is much safer than recovering, so try to backup them now!

Steps to do verbatim flash drive recovery:


1, Download and install verbatim flash drive recovery software - Aidfile Recovery Software.

2, Call the software and choose the fomartted recovery or partition recovery.

3, There will be a list of partitions, verbatim flash drive is included, and click next.

4, the verbatim flash drive recovery process helps you to recover all formatted files in verbatim flash drive.

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